Happy Birthday, Joe Jonas! A Fashion Flip-book Of His Style Renaissance

Joe Jonas at the premiere of "30 Minutes or Less" in Hollywood, California, on Aug. 8, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

That perfectly scruffy face. Those bomb Simon Spurr suits. The deep V-neck tees exposing just the right amount of smooth, bronzed chest. It’s no secret that Joe Jonas, who turns 22 today, is a style god (and one of our personal faves), but it’s taken the guy a few years to figure out his game plan. As a young'un rising to fame in 2006, the smooth-shaven cutie was prone to heavy accessorizing, rhinestone-encrusted Ed Hardy tees, and other funky outfits. But over the years (during which he released several albums with The Jonas Brothers, starred in numerous shows, AND found time to date at least four of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorettes), Joe’s cultivated a more refined aesthetic, exchanging offbeat patterns for streamlined solids, goofball grins for smoldering stares. He’s busting out of the pack, establishing not only a solo career (first album FastLife is on the way), but also an individual style that’s practically galloping light years ahead of every other male in Hollywood. Erm, case in point? So far, he’s the only guy we’ve met who has worn a denim jacket under a suit and made it look like he's bringing sexy back.

There’s no doubt about it: The middle Jonas is currently undergoing a major style renaissance. So in honor of his birthday, we’ve charted some of his most memorable looks, from his early boy-band days (magenta tees, supertight jeans!) to his hipster chic era (non-prescription glasses, plaid!) to the present (black on black on black that manages NOT to look boring).


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