The Situation Wears Pop Tabs And A Shooting Star On 'The Tonight Show'

The Situation The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

The Situation on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Photo: WireImage

Staring at Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's oil-slicked hair and super-tan visage suddenly makes us want to hum the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song and reminisce on G.I. Joe. Why? Because there is something so childishly adorable about the grown-up kid in a suit (and no, it isn't just his star-shooting "The More You Know" hair; look closely—it certainly sends us back to the days of Reading Rainbow and BOM-bum-BUM-BUUUM with its astral trajectory), but it is also his arts-and-crafts approach to a suit jacket.

The Jersey Shore cast is constantly redefining our parameters of blowing our fragile minds with sartorial choices (which is, in an era where starlets are CONSTANTLY seen in the same dress, totally cool with us), and The Situation has certainly had his own style transformation. From straight Staten Island dude-ism to a slick, red carpet, be-suited lean, The Situation has definitely taken his gangster to another level. And then he appeared on The Tonight Show with a lapel heavy with soda can (or as our Midwestern Pa says, "pop") tabs. We think. At first we thought it was a single metal strip, but as Mike continued his banter with Jay, it became clear to us that these were soft-drink remnants, maybe.

But on his black suit with a deep V, it strangely dressed up his look, adding a bit of bling where a necklace might have been. And the silver in the suit matches the Sitch's wristwatch, which as Jay points out, is rather large (which makes him look extra impish). Where does one get pop tabs/metal accroutements to embroider onto a suit? Is it a custom job? And most important, will this be a detail incorporated into The Situation's own tuxedo line?

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