Prom 2011: The 20 Best Prom Dresses For Under $100

Yup, MTV Style's 2011 Prom Coverage has popped off well and good with yesterday's full run-down of the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses, running the gamut from Carrie's simple pink sheath to Bella's tiered gown from Twilight, and today we've got more in dress solutions, tips and info for those thrifty prom attendees who refuse to compromise style on a budget.

In this economy, especially if you're out there toiling to put away money for an after-graduation trip or if you're saving up for college books and tuition, there's something upsetting about the prospect of dropping hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a dress. Even if it's THE PROM. That said, the truly beautiful thing about understanding fashion, trends, and personal style is that you can absolutely find the perfect dress that's so crazily you that your friends would be up in the store, grabbing it, thrusting it in your face and squealing, GURL, this is SO you! And, you can do it on a budget. All it takes is a little research, some gumption, and nothing else since we've composed an entire gallery of gems as a cheat sheet to present no less than 20 Best Prom Dresses For Under $100. You are very welcome. Happy promming and check back in with us daily for more in 2011 coverage.

Neon Pink Embroidered Strapless Dress
Photo: Courtesy of 2PromDress

THE TREND: Fitted bodice with a full and floaty skirt.

Flouncy tulle layers in a cocktail length with an ornate bodice and megawatt hue? Perfectly on-trend and a steal at $89. Pair with strappy metallic heels and a simple clutch and you're good to go. The only thing I'd add for extra credit is a simple, pendant necklace OR drop earrings for an winningly pulled-together ensemble.

Asymmetic Bardot Cocktail Dress
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

THE TREND: Ultra-vibrant, saturated color.

Simple, sleek, and in a beautiful, summery color that you could honestly wear to any number of occasions. Finding a dress for under a bill is resourceful, granted, but sourcing the yellow version of an LBD you can wear anywhere is the undeniable pro move.

Beaded Collar Belted Dress
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

THE TREND: Studded accent pieces.

The sheen of silky black, the delicate Peter Pan collar that's rendered completely badass with the application of studs. The juxtaposed daintiness of an unsentimental bow on the belt. The proportions, the straight-across bodice, the short-short length. The contradictions and contrast make this the perfect dress for the nuanced complications that make you uniquely you... (and totally unpredictable).

Sequin Shift Dress
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom

THE TREND: Allover sequins with a subtler sheen.

The enticing sparkles of an otherwise matte sequin. The tasteful glint that speaks to a lady who definitely knows how to cut loose while remaining elegant and 100% non-sloppy at all times. A slinky scoop length and a sleeveless silhouette that moves as gracefully as you do. There isn't a shoe out there that wouldn't be complementary. Other than if that shoe was also entirely comprised of sequins though, if that is the direction you're going in a) more power to you and b) DO IT WITH HEART. Plus, seriously, this dress would carry flip flops it's THAT workwithable.

Peter Pan Collar Lace Waisted Dress
Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

THE TREND: Peter Pan collar + lace.

Color saturated lace so effectively conveys starry-eyed romanticism without the gag-reflex-inducing cloying douchechills of an overpoweringly pretty frock. Not only is God in the details with the collar but the quietly gathered waist also lends a ladylike contour without infantilizing gimmicks like a baby doll cut. If you nail the color, this is definitely a dress you will not tire of. In a pinch you could roll in wool tights and rock it in the dead of winter with a turtle neck or wear it al fresco, with a ton of jewelry and bare legs to brunch, too.



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