Cover Girl Roundup: Emma Roberts, Blake Lively, And Kate Moss!

We like lovelovelove the internets (duh). But, whoever said that magazines were a dying breed was CUH-razy. As much as we can't live without our blogs and other online ish, we'd be boo-hoo-hooing if we didn't walk past a newsstand and see all of these glorious/brow-plucked faces on mag covers. Yep, it's the simple things in life (peanut butter and jelly, a cold fluffy pillow, and all this perfect-bound glossy goodness) that make us happy. In last week's "Cover Girl Roundup" we brought you Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad, January Jones, Kim Kardashian, and Adele, and this week we're delivering cool kids Emma Roberts and Rory Culkin (he's technically not a "cover girl," but WHATEVERS) on Nylon and the unflappably sexy Kate Moss for Vogue Paris. Plus, on the cover of Elle Singapore we spotted Blake sheer harem pants.


To help celebrate young Hollywood (you know, all of those PYTs walking around L.A.), Scream 4 costars Emma Roberts and Rory Culkin (the youngest of the seven-deep Culkin clan, which includes Macaulay) cover the May 2011 issue of Nylon looking appropriately fresh and spring-y. Check Emma's denim short-shorts with suspender attachments! Oh, and Rory's hodgepodge ensemble—jean jacket, cargo pants, tie. It's so young Hollywood of them.


After plopping supermodel Gisele Bündchen on her first Vogue Paris cover, newish, highly scrutinized editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt set her sights on something HUGE and RELIABLE and turned to big-time fashion staple Kate Moss for her second cover. And the golden girl (doesn't she look exceptionally bronzed here?) held her own, despite the aggy manhandling all up on her Armani Prive jacket.


Even in black and white, Gossip Girl Blake Lively manages to look bold and resonant on the May 2011 cover of Elle Singapore. We think it probably has something to do with the see-through Zac Posen harem pants she's rocking. Right? Remember the time we all had to bear witness to someone successfully pulling off see-through harem pants? Beautiful.