Justin Bieber Or Coco Rocha: Who Wore Plaid Best?

Justin Bieber in Hollywood on Oct. 24; Coco Rocha at the WWD 100th Anniversary Gala in New York on Nov. 2.
Photo: Getty Images

'Tis the season for plaid! Just last week, we (over)analyzed the orange and black plaid shirt teen heartthrob Justin Bieber wore to an event in Hollywood, ultimately concluding that he can pull off flannel fabulously. Well, so can the ladies. Last night, top model Coco Rocha, host of MTV.com's VMA 2010 Red Carpet Report, wore a red and black plaid shirt to the WWD 100th anniversary party in New York, even matching her vibrant red lipstick to the top's hue. Both Justin and Coco look awesome in plaid, but of these two, we're voting for Justin wearing the trend better, mainly because he wore his shirt proudly, while Coco covered it up with a black jacket. But what do you think?

+ Who wore plaid best — Justin Bieber or Coco Rocha?