What Is Stephanie Pratt's Must-Have Fall Item?

Stephanie Pratt in Lipsy London on Oct. 21 in New York.
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Stephanie Pratt of The Hills touched down in New York last week to celebrate the launch of British brand Lipsy London in the U.S., particularly in Bloomingdales. We stopped by the Soho Bloomies store to check out the collection — a label that's been worn by everyone from Snooki to Kat DeLuna to Adrienne Bailon to Stephanie Pratt herself — where we caught up with Stephanie to talk about fall trends, her must-have items, and how she manages to make her smokey eye makeup look so freaking perfect. Read on to find out what she said and how to score her look.

Tonight you're wearing serious smokey eyes. What's your secret?

Stephanie Pratt: I actually had a makeup and hair person come over because I can’t do my own lashes or curl my own hair. I always say it’s because I was never in a sorority, so I never learned how to do it. Tonight, I just knew I wanted really big eyelashes and dark eyeliner. And, obvi, I said 'Make me look really tan,' because I’m obsessed with [being] tan.

Do you have any problems taking off fake eyelashes?

No. But if people do, I heard Vaseline works. If you use a Q-Tip and do Vaseline, I heard that helps.

What are your favorite fall trends?

Definitely faux fur. I think a really great piece to always own is a vest because you can wear that in the summer with shorts and a tank top or obviously winter and the fall. And then dresses. You can never go wrong with dresses. You can wear tights, boots, tights, and Converse. Then you’ll have them all year-round, so you can wear sandals.

What's your least favorite trend right now?

I just can’t get into the Oxford shoes. I think they look really cute on some people who can pull them off, but I can’t get into them.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Close to eighty.

When was your last shopping spree?

I would say it’s right now, at Lipsy in Bloomingdales. I’m going wild right now! I have 12 dresses and a bag. This is all I’m going to be wearing the next couple weeks in L.A., for sure.

Do you dress differently when you're in New York, rather than L.A.?

I get more extravagant. You know, wear a fake feather or a high-waisted skirt with a leotard and clunky shoes. In L.A. you get looked at really weird when you try to over accessorize, or the dress is really embellished and out there. L.A. is way more casual. New York is just faster and people have more fun with it.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

I’m thinking maybe a pirate? I don’t know though, because I go online to look and I see so many great costumes that I get sidetracked.



Stephanie had two outfit changes of the night. In her first look, she wore a Lipsy London red printed dress, a Lipsy London faux fur coat, and booties by Alexander McQueen.

+ Coat: Cropped Faux Fur Jacket

+ Dress: Pleated Strapless Dress

Stephanie's second outfit was our favorite — we loved the the look of the faux fur jacket and how it played off the neutral tones of the dress.

+ Coat: Pixie Long Hair Faux Fur Jacket