Ed Westwick Loves To Show Off His Chest Hair!

Ed Westwick on October 14, September 10, and July 28.
Photo: Getty Images

Ed Westwick loves to show off his chest hair ... and we love to see it! The Gossip Girl star unbuttons his shirt every chance he gets, hitting the red carpet with his little chest bush popping out one time after another. Just last night, Ed attended annual Gotham magazine gala in New York and left the top three buttons of his mauve shirt open, so there was at least nine inches of hairiness for the world to gawk and drool over. That's why we need more! So, we've collected a bunch of photos of Chuck Bass Ed Westwick showing off his straggly strands. We think his chest bush is kinda sexy — so hug-able, bear-ish, manly, hot, and ... OK, we'll stop now. But what do you think?

+ Do you like when men show off their chest hair like Ed Westwick?

Ed Westwick on July 1, June 7, and January 16.
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup