VMAs 2010 Live Blog: The Red Carpet Fashion!

Florence Welch performing at the VMAs.
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11:15 pm - AND THAT'S A WRAP, FOLKS!!! What a show! Who was the best dressed of the night?

11:11 pm - Kanye West's red pants are SO TIGHT. We can almost — gasp! — see everything. Wink.

11:07 pm - Lady Gaga was the best part of the show!!! She closed the show wearing a MEAT DRESS. It kinda reminds us of this Mark Ryden's collection, The Meat Show, don't you think? Oh, and she asked Cher to hold her meat purse! Diva action RULES.

11:06 pm - Cher brings back her "If I Could Turn Back Time" outfit. Nice skivvies! AND THE HAIR!!!!

11:05 pm - Rihanna changed into a Champagne Gucci dress with a deep V-neck and lots of cleavage.

11:04 pm - ANOTHER FACT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is wearing Calvin Klein underwear. Check them out here. Yes, these things matter.

11:03 pm - FACT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Lady Gaga changed AGAIN.

10:59 pm -True Blood actor Joe Manganiello is wearing a brown Gucci jacket. Sexy.

10:57 pm - Is that a cardigan Chester Bennington from Linkin Park is wearing? Um.

10:54 pm - And the Canadian Justin Bieber takes home Best New Artist! Wearing black. Cute.

10:53 pm - Teen Vogue cover girl Victoria Justice dazzles in black!

10:46 pm - Paramore's Hayley Williams KILLED IT on stage. Minimal, clean makeup and a killer outfit — white blazer, short black shorts, and knee-highs. Schoolgirl chic! Must. Copy. Tomorrow.

10:42 pm - Selena Gomez got hair extensions!!! Oh yeah, and she's wearing a silver Reem Acra dress. But that HAIR! Gorgeous.

10:36 pm - Happy to see sparkles again on Sofia Vergara. Even though they are black.

10:34 pm - Recognize JWOWW's purple bikini? It's by Filthy Couture — her label!

10:28 pm - Emma Stone is wearing a black dress by Emilio Pucci. Yeah, girl. HIGH FASHION. Rock it. Hard.

10:27 pm - Mary J. Blige — wearing all black (we're guessing Gucci, she LOVES Gucci), but the best is her purple manicure. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Better than Katy Perry's Russell Brand manicure perhaps?

10:22 pm - Justin Timberlake's really grew in ... fuzzy goodness.

10:09 pm - FYI: Evan Rachel Wood wore Gucci.

10:05 pm - Lady Gaga is wearing Giorgio Armani — that huge black dress is engulfing her fabulously. "This outfit is too heavy to walk in. Fashion roadkill!"

10:04 pm - Where is Lea Michele with the cast of Glee? Amber Riley is totally showing her up with her hot black dress! Wait — Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith are looking pretty good, too ...

9:58 pm - Just heard backstage: Lady Gaga changed into an all-black outfit. Is this the Armani look we heard about before?

9:58 pm - Florence Welch ... how lovely you look in peach!

9:49 pm - Nicki Minaj changed into a beige jumpsuit and she let down her pink beehive into a pink long look. LOVING IT.

9:30 pm - JUSTIN BIEBER IS WEARING SPARKLES!!! UPGRADE. This is not a joke. Sparkles on JB? He really reached a new fashion level.

9:28 pm - Kim Kardashian was introduced as a fashion icon. Um, do you agree?

9:18 pm - Katy Perry's Marchesa gown is super, super cute. It really goes with her new Russell Brand manicure! Did you see that yet? Click here to check it out.

9:16 pm - How is Lady Gaga walking in those Alexander McQueen shoes?! Way to kill it, Lady Gaga!

Eminem and Rihanna at the VMAs.
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9:09 pm - Who's gonna sell a garage door hat?

9:02 pm - Chelsea Handler or Lindsay Lohan — who looks better in an ankle bracelet? Ha. We kid. We kid.

9:02 pm - OMG, RIHANNA YOUR FASHION RULES. The glitter headband and tutu skirt she's wearing to perform with Eminem? TUTUS ARE SO IN! WE KNEW IT.

8:52 pm - Ke$ha looks like Rapunzel!!! She's wearing a super, super, super long hair extension ponytail. And we actually love the black dress she's wearing. Way to step it up, girl!

Drake in Tom Ford and Ciara in Givenchy at the VMAs.
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8:43 pm - Ciara is in head-to-toe Givenchy. Definitely one of our favorite looks of the night.

8:42 pm - Snooki: "To get ready for a red carpet event you have to go spray tanning for a week!"

8:38 pm - Amber Riley is wearing a dress she found at the mall! And a pair of glasses. The intellectual look really works!

8:33 pm - Nicki Minaj in a PINK BEEHIVE!!! And metallic purple bodysuit. We're fuh-reaking. Aren't you?

8:32 pm - Selena Gomez is wearing silver Reem Acra because she wants to "be daring and take chances." Hotness!

8:31 pm - DRAKE IS WEARING A TOM FORD SUIT AND SHOES!!! He said his friend Oliver helped him pick it out.

8:30 pm - Bruno Mars is on the white carpet WITHOUT HIS HAT. He's kinda got a fro going on. Just sayin'.

8:29 pm - Justin Bieber wore a black vest! WOW! Looking good, JB!

8:28 pm - JWOWW said she did her own makeup for the show. And she also has new red hair. Looking good! (Her shoes are by Ecko.)

Jersey Shore cast at the Video Music Awards.
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8:25 pm - JUST IN FROM GIORGIO ARMANI: "During the Awards, Lady Gaga will wear two custom-made Giorgio Armani looks."

8:24 pm - Travie McCoy said he was in pajamas up until 10 minutes before the VMAs. He definitely doesn't need that much time to look great!

8:23 pm - Suchin Pak picked the long, black beaded dress from H&M!!! You voted, and that won!

8:22 pm - Ashley Greene said it took her an hour and a half to get dressed tonight. Is that a lot of time or not?

8:20 pm - Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars on his hair: "Just another bad accident in a series of adventures and mistakes."

8:18 pm - Robyn is wearing Acne boots from NEXT SEASON! Ugh, we're so jealous. They are gorgeous.

8:12 pm - Ne-Yo is wearing a gray hat. Of course, a hat.

8:11 pm - You know who looks killer? Gabi Gregg, the new MTV VJ!!! She got extensions, and we love her new long hair.

8:02 pm - Drake looking smooth as ever on the white carpet. Oops, we just drooled.

7:59 pm - Roxy Olin wore a sheer Camilla and Marc top and Michael Kors shoes. She looks SO GOOD. Love the risk she took with sheer!

Lady Gaga arrives at the VMAs.
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7:54 pm - Lady Gaga's dress is the same one she wore in her Vanity Fair cover spread last month. Repeat! Love it!


7:38 pm - GAGA HAS ARRIVED AND IT IS SOOOO MAJOR!!!! Blue and white hair, a red long cape, huge tulle skirt. Pictures to come!!!

7:36 pm - Pitbull said he's wearing something that he got off the sales rack!

7:34 pm - Roxy Olin ... quick glance, a blur of ruffle!


7:29 pm - Stephanie Pratt looks awesome in a backless Nicole Miller gown. She said she's wearing her first gown ever tonight! "I never wear long dresses." And it's backless. Sexy!

7:19 pm - Lauren McKnight looked sparkly, too! She's wearing a Legend Dress and custom jewelry by Gold Pony.

7:14 pm - Amber Lancaster — Jenny Swanson from The Hard Times Of RJ Berger — has to wear a rubberband around her giant ring -- the secrets of fashion! Amber Lancaster also did her own hair and makeup because she doesn't trust anyone else to do it. Amber Lancaster wore a fab Alice + Olivia dress with shoulder cut-out and Rene Caovilla shoes.

7:07 pm - Sammi "Sweetheart" is wearing all Bebe from head to toe. She also has a mini pouf!!! Snooki-inspired, perhaps?

7:00 pm - Chris "Drama" Pfaff — Drama Beats from Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory looks SMOKING in a suit. No Young & Reckless on the white carpet tonight?

6:58 pm - Deadmau5 is talking to Coco Rocha and she goes, "Have you ever been a live mouse?" Adorbs! P.S. - Deadmau5's mask is blue. So fashionable. Really stands out against the white carpet.

6:54 pm - Sammi "Sweetheart" from Jersey Shore is wearing a black and beige dress with elements of sheer. Can't wait for a closer look!!!

Audrina Patridge at the Video Music Awards!
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6:46 pm - Audrina Patridge brought out the sparkles!!! She's wearing an Isaac Mizrahi dress, Judith Leiber belt, Jacob & Co. jewelry, and Balmain shoes.

6:42 pm - Coco Rocha said she spotted a few people wearing silver. Could this be the trend of the night?

6:34 pm - SPOTTED: Kanye West wearing all red while he tests the stage. And not just any red ... FLAMING RED.

6:23 pm - Coco Rocha's dress is by Zac Posen, the same designer who designed Lauren Conrad's dress for the Cosmopolitan cover!

6:16 pm - Coco Rocha is wearing a black dress with ruffle sleeves and berry lips!!! BERRY LIPS FOR FALL. SO IN.

5:56 pm - People are getting ready for the red carpet! Taylor Swift incited mass screams when she rolled into her trailer.

3:44 pm - The white carpet is almost ready! Just scored pics of MTV crews preparing the carpet in Los Angeles. Just think ... in mere hours, that thing is going to be covered with stars!

3:17 pm - Questions running through our mind on VMA day: How much glitter will Ke$ha slather all over her body? Will Katy Perry show up in latex? Will Justin Bieber color-coordinate his shoes? How sexy will Justin Timberlake look? Will Taylor Swift wear a strapless, flowing dress like always? SO MANY QUESTIONS! But the biggest one is ... WHAT WILL LADY GAGA WEAR? When we pondered this before, we were hoping for lots of glitter, lace, and shiny things. But an MTV spy spotted Lady Gaga on her way to her hotel earlier today, and told us Lady Gaga had a whole car full of clothes with her. Amazing!!! Seriously, if Lady Gaga doesn't show everyone up, we'll be surprised. But, then again, the Video Music Awards are known for surprises.

Prepping the white carpet at the Video Music Awards!
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The day has come — it's the 2010 Video Music Awards!!! Our little fashion hearts can barely handle the excitement for what's about to happen on the red carpet, which is actually WHITE this year. (With all the shoes — hopefully hot, sexy ones — can you even imagine how dirty that thing is going to get?!) Whatever the color, this carpet is bound to have some sick, insane looks, per usual, which is why we'll be here live-blogging the entire red/white carpet experience, checking in with MTV.com Red Carpet Report host Coco Rocha, and the Video Music Awards show. Let's begin!

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