Get The Look: Zoe Kravitz's 'I'm With The Band' Outfit

Photo: Getty Images

Zoe Kravitz, the 21-year-old actress, singer, and spawn of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, has amazing It-girl style. Her outfits have this too-cool-for-school-but-not-the-mean-girl look to them, like what she wore to a party on Monday night celebrating Spin magazine's 25th anniversary. It's almost like she's saying "I don't care what you think, I'm with the band," with her outfit. Her trick has to be her masterful way with accessories. She turned a wacky skirt (let's face it, if we saw it in a store we'd walk right by) into a great look by mixing prints (stripes with a leopard-print bucket bag, which is one of our FAVORITES of the season by Alexander Wang), stacking little bracelets up her arm, and topping it off with a hat. To anyone who thinks fedoras are overplayed, just LOOK at this photo, and stand corrected.

Want to try Zoe's "I'm a VIP" look? Snag a similar boho-style miniskirt from Target for just $10.40, and pair it with a layered black tissue tank from Old Navy ($8.50). Scuff up these studded flat ankle boots from Forever 21 ($27.80) to give them that vintagey, kicked-around look, and top off the outfit with this short-brimmed fedora from Urban Outfitters ($28). Finally, sling on this leopard shoulder bag from Anne Klein ($62.99). As for the VIP pass, find a color printer and a good laminator. Kidding! MTV can't condone fake passes. Come on now.