Look By Look: The Complete Fashion Breakdown Of Nicki Minaj's New Video 'Your Love'

Nicki Minaj's new video for "Your Love" came out yesterday, and it's a blast from the East! It was packed with Eastern-inspired outfits (think silky kimonos and black ninja catsuits) and extra-long Wolverine-style nails. It looked like Madame Butterfly meets Jackie Chan, only with extra sparkles and higher heels. And those outfits didn't land on Miss Minaj by accident — they were expertly calculated by Nicki's styling team led by Niki Schwan, and assisted by Adrien Field, Maeve Reilly, and Quentin. Today we caught up with Schwan for details on every single outfit in the video. See all the hand-picked designer looks and what Schwan had to say about Nicki's style below!

Your Love by Nicki Minaj

Stylists: Niki Schwan, Adrien Field, Maeve Reilly, and Quentin.

Hair: Custom-created by Terrance Davidson.

Makeup: Day with Buddhaflyy.

[Photo no longer available.]

Jacket: Lloyd Klein.

Belt: Frederick's of Hollywood.

Necklace and glove: Philippe Audibert.

Schwan on Nicki's style: "Nicki has a great sense of personal style. She's developing her platform. To be part of her team to help mold her and her image has been great. Now we've gotten to a point where she can push the envelope a lot more. And we're going through a beautiful transition where she wants to keep unique edge and she wants to step it up. She wants to be sexier and more classic."

[Photo no longer available.]

Necklace and glove: Phillipe Audibert.

Schwan on Nicki's transition: "It's a magical moment she really wants to take it to wild glamour style. That's where we're going to take it from here. She's not obsessed with brands, she's more into style and that’s a really great place to be. And it gives me room to play."

[Photo no longer available.]

Geisha bodysuit outfit: Made custom for Nicki by Marco Morante of Marco Marco.

Schwan on the fashion direction of "Your Love": "It's obvious that there was an Asian theme with the Geisha girl concept. She was part of working with the director for that. She loved that it was a mini movie — that made it different and special."

[Photo no longer available.]

Earrings: Lace by Tanaya.

Fingers: PRB PR.

Schwan on Nicki's curves: "We like to find things that flatter her bombshell curves — we want to accent and bring that out. I see her as my modern day Jessica Rabbit. She has those curves that are to die for."

[Photo no longer available.]

Japanese kimono and obi belt: Vintage.

Gold necklace and bangle: PRB PR.

Schwan on prepping for the shoot: "I can never predetermine the looks too much because it's based on what happens in the moment. It's interesting as a stylist because her team must be able to style in the moment."

[Photo no longer available.]

Outfit: Oscar Generald.

Schwan on what it's like picking outfits on set: "Nicki goes off how she's feeling. We don't pre-prep the looks with her, we style in the moment. In that shoot, we started at 7 a.m. and were there until 4:30 in the morning. So it was an intensely long day. The things you think may work don't work at the end of the day due to the change in moods."

[Photo no longer available.]

Kendo Warrior Outfits: Made custom for Nicki by Marco Morante of Marco Marco.

Schwan on the brands she pulled: "We're mixing mainstream brands with great up-and-coming brands and vintage. She is trying to develop her own unique style, which means we can integrate things we haven't seen on others. It makes her more unique."

[Photo no longer available.]

Kendo Warrior Outfits: Made custom for Nicki by Marco Morante of Marco Marco.

Schwan on the fashion thought behind "Your Love": "We tried to take it to that costume level and put that Nicki Minaj edge to it."