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Did Zayn Malik Definitively Kill Larry Stylinson?

'It still continues to be quite hard for them,' Zayn said.

Zayn Malik opened up to The Fader on Tuesday for his first-ever solo interview, talking about his reasons for leaving One Direction in March. He also dropped a teaser for his upcoming single, called "Befour" (uh, #shade?), which sounds pretty cool, though we literally only heard a snippet.

But a big bombshell dropped doesn't even involve Zayn at all -- it involves Larry Stylinson, the couple name for 1D members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Zayn said that Larry doesn't exist and never did.

"There’s no secret relationships going on with any of the band members," Zayn said, thereby sending all Larry theories to a watery grave in 10 simple words.

And for Zayn, it's not anything to laugh at, either.

"It’s not funny, and it still continues to be quite hard for them," he said. "They won’t naturally go put their arm around each other because they’re conscious of this thing that’s going on, which is not even true. They won’t do that natural behavior."

It's clear: Fame for 1D is a double-edged sword. "But it’s just the way the fans are. They’re so passionate, and once they get their head around an idea, that’s the way it is regardless of anything," Zayn said. "If it wasn’t for that passionate, like, almost obsession, then we wouldn’t have the success that we had."

Clearly, Larries across the web have not taken kindly to this news, and an familiar set of emotions are gradually popping up on Twitter.

It's become clearer now than it ever has before: Larry, though the physical union may not be real, is a firm belief and a state of mind. Zayn can deny it all he wants -- and in doing so also denying Ziam, Narry, LiLo and all other possible 'ships -- but Larry doesn't seem to be going away. Ever.