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'iCarly' Fans Have Some Strong Opinions About Freddie Getting Married

Side note: Happy 23rd Birthday, Nathan!

On Sunday, everyone's favorite science nerd/wannabe director Freddie Benson got married in Los Angeles! Or at least, actor Nathan Kress (who played Freddie on TV) from "iCarly" married London Elise Moore, citing his wedding as the "best day of [his] life." His wife said it was "a PERFECT day, in EVERY WAY!," adding the hashtag #SayYesToTheKress in a tweet prior to saying their "I dos." Also, Moore already updated both her Twitter name and handle to London Elise Kress and @LondyKress, respectively. Sincerest congrats to the happy newlyweds!

However, not everyone is happy for Mr. and Mrs. Kress. Several fans are extremely upset Freddie didn't end up with Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) or Sam (Jennette McCurdy) IRL. Both girls attended Nathan's wedding, so obviously they're cool with the situation.

However, this is giving me serious déjà vu. Back in September, during the "Zoey 101" time capsule craziness, fans hounded Jamie Lynn Spears' social media accounts, bombarding her with comments about why wasn't she out looking for Chase, her soulmate. TV is not real life, folks.

On Tuesday, Nathan uploaded a photo to Instagram with the caption, "What kind of wife is willing to drop everything and cancel our honeymoon at the last minute, just so that we can fly to NY to do a movie? This kind of wife right here. ❤"

Amongst the various "OMG FREDDIE GOT MARRIED" and "Happy Birthday!" comments — since today is actually Nathan's 23rd birthday — there were plenty of fans losing their chill.

  • Here are some of the comments about the Carly + Freddie love, aka "Creddie."

    As you can see, people have strong opinions about this whole "Freddie is now married" concept.

  • Seriously, Nathan. The Creddie love runs deeply.
  • Of course, many people are on team "Seddie," which is Sam + Freddy.

    It should be noted there is an entire YouTube video dedicated to Seddie kisses, set to the song "Kissin U" by Cosgrove.

  • One commenter pointed out, "FREDDIE YOUR MOTHER WOULD NOT APPROVE," which is probably true.

    Although, I doubt she'd want her baby boy marrying Sam or Carly either. Remember that time she caught Freddie and Carly smoochin' and screamed, "What the yuck?!" Yeah, this smother definitely wouldn't want any girl coming between her and her son.

So, sorry all you Creddie and Seddie fans out there. Nathan seems truly smitten with London, and we couldn't be happier for them. We're also glad he never settled for this way of living.