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Did Justin Bieber Really Dress Up As A 'Drake & Josh' Character?


Like all of us, Justin Bieber grew up watching "Drake & Josh," laughing at Drake Bell's snappy one-liners and Josh Peck's goofy antics for emphasis (EMPHASIS). The Biebs even admitted the hit Nickelodeon show was his fave back in the day.

And then on Monday, the "Sorry" singer did an exclusive interview for Elvis Duran, wearing a white shirt, a checkered/plaid button up and a black beanie. Normal enough, right? WRONG. That's the exact same getup Peck wore in the classic "Theater Thug" episode. Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself, thanks to the magic of the Twitter account Tweet Like A Girl.

Heck, even Peck himself saw the resemblance. So, Bieber, what's good?

Literally all of us right now

So, since Bieber seems to be on a "Drake & Josh" groove lately, we came up with a list of other "D&J" characters he should channel next. You're welcome, Justin.

  1. Einstein Josh

    All you'd need is a wig, a fake mustache and a semi-purple suit. But remember, you're not Harry Potter.

  2. Temporarily blind Helen

    Don a green shirt, eye patches and a whole lot of attitude, and you'll be entertaining people all night — even though "that is not your job!"

  3. These aliens

    These will take a little more work to pull off, but if you succeed, you'll already have your 2016 Halloween costume ready to go.

  4. Gavin

    Good luck finding that shirt anywhere, but getting a long-haired wig should be a piece of cake.

  5. Nerdy Craig

    Biebs, once you start wearing Craig's iconic sweater vest look, please never, EVER take it off.

  6. Miss Nancy

    Helloooo, Miss Nancy solves people's problems and makes them feel better. Who wouldn't wanna be like that? Her dress might be a little loud, but it's what's on the inside that counts.

  7. Punk-rocker Josh

    Just kidding. Please don't shave half of your head. Please.

  8. And lastly, these guys

    You should probably only dress up in these ~disguises~ if "the costume shop was closed [and] the temple was open."

And, don't even deny that you didn't know what you were doing here. We see you, Justin. We see you.