Tyler Oakley's Step-Dad Gives Him Some Very Interesting Life Advice In Exclusive Clip From 'SNERVOUS'

Three words: "Nuts, back and critters."

Whether they want to hear it or not, parents like to tell their kids what to do give their kids some good ol'-fashioned advice every now and then. Tyler Oakley's step-dad, Ken, is no exception -- but it's probably the kind you haven't heard before.

In an exclusive clip from his documentary "SNERVOUS," the YouTube star can be seen hanging out with BFF Korey Kuhl while chatting on the phone with his mom (shout-out to Queen Jackie) on Mother's Day. After their convo, Tyler asks to speak to his step-dad, who leaves some parting words of wisdom.

"Please be careful out there," he tells Tyler. "Nuts, back and critters."

Confused? "'NBC is 'nuts, back and critters,'" Tyler explains to Korey. "He'll sign every text with 'NBC. Nuts, back and critters means, watch out for crazy people -- nuts. Watch your back -- anybody will betray you. And critters -- don't run over any animals."

Watch the giggle-inducing clip in its entirety, below.

"SNERVOUS" will be released in December 2015 through select theaters and will be available on all major digital platforms.