Responses To Kendrick Lamar's 'Control' Verse: Lupe Fiasco, Joell Ortiz, More

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Rappers are really grappling with their emotions after hearing Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control," which the Detroit native says had him "cracking up" on first listen. Besides calling out a few artists by name, Kendrick also crowned himself the "King of New York" and compared himself to Nas and Jay Z. Joell Ortiz was one of the first to offer up a retaliation track but now Lupe Fiasco, Los and more also have something to say. Check out a list of all the notable responses to Kendrick's verse thus far, and check back for updates.

Papoose: "Control (freestyle)"

Papoose admitted that Kendrick helped facilitate his Summer Jam stage crash a few months ago, but that didn't stop him from throwing lethal darts on his response to K. Dot's "Control" verse, rapping, "Kendrick, Kanye and Drake they act feminine/ Wear a lot of clothes you usually see women in" and not to mention, "You only blew up 'cause you contribute to the feminization of the black man."

Ransom: "Control (freestyle)"

Ransom made headlines for pissing off Nicki Minaj last week, and now he's back to the music with his rebuttal to "Control."

Grafh: "I'll Body You"

NYC native Grafh made an appearance out of nowhere to get at Kendrick. The title pretty much says it all.

The Mad Rapper: "Control (freestyle)"

The Mad Rapper took it a step further by throwing some shots at other Kendrick responders like Joell Ortiz, Fred The Godson etc on his response.

Joell Ortiz: "Outta Control"

While plenty of people were getting emotional on Twitter, Joell Ortiz was the first to step up and really get back at Kendrick for his claim that he's the 'king of New York' on the new freestyle "Outta Control."

"I ain't even got to give this too much though, Joell Ortiz one of the won any war that he ever fought/This ain't no different, I'm listening, you the King of New York? Little homie you ain't the king of New York/You the next thing on my fork."

Lupe Fiasco: "SLR 2"

Lupe used his private Twitter account to share his immediate thoughts about Kendrick's verse when "Control" initially dropped, but then he let the rest out on "SLR 2," one of two tracks that he dropped in a 24-hour  span. He definitely took issue with Kendrick comparing himself to Hov and Nasir.

"He's so crazy, look at the little baby/N----a you ain't Nas, n----a you ain't Jay Z/You will respect me, you will reject me/But I've done so much, no matter how far you go, you will reflect me."

B.o.B.: "How 2 Rap"

B.o.B. wanted to teach a few things on "How 2 Rap."

Mickey Factz: "South Park"

Mickey Factz definitely wasn't one of the rappers put directly in Kendrick's line of fire, but he still has a few things to say to K. Dot and his Black Hippy crew on "South Park."

Los: "Control"

Over the original beat, Bad Boy rapper Los offers his two cents.

Fred The Godson: "Say My Name"

Bronx rapper Fred The Godson had to stand up for his city on "Say My Name."

Cassidy: "Control (freestyle)"

Cassidy wants to get in on the fun too , ith his new freestyle over "Control." Sounds like he's taking a quick shot at Meek as well.

"I speak the truth, these other n----s got a lying tongue/So if there's levels to this sh-- I'm on the highest one" and "I paint pictures no Photoshop/I'm not the king of New York/But the king of New York know I'm hot."

Astro: "KONY"

The uproar over Kendrick's "King of New York" line continues with Astro's "KONY" freestyle over a Statik Selektah beat.

“This goes out to the so-called king of New York/ This is the home of legends, Lamar, so watch what you talk/ You comin’ up short thinkin’ you the boss, you must be off it."