Danny Brown 'Victimized' With Oral Sex On Stage

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By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

When word hit that rapper Danny Brown received oral sex onstage at a recent concert in Minnesota, the internet was abuzz with curiosity, excitement and disgust. Even fellow lyricist Kendrick Lamar jumped in the conversation to ask "u really just got the head on stage stanny???".

Now female rapper Kitty Pryde, who is on tour with Danny, is jumping in with her two cents and defending her friend. In a blog post on Noisey, she claims that the whole ordeal has been grossly blown out of proportion and Danny had no choice but to receive what the fan was giving him.

"'The Thing," as she refers to it "was not a thing that Danny facilitated—it was an actual sexual assault, and somehow nobody gives a f--- about that but me." Kitty goes on to recount how her pants have been pulled down onstage by fans and she was confused as what to do. Though she was, in her own words, "pretty drunk" at the show, Kitty thinks that Danny is the victim of the "molestation."

Further, she says that the longstanding questions of Danny's sexuality forced him in a tight spot. If he received the sexual favor, he would be lauded while refusing it would drum up criticism of his masculinity.

Fans on the blog post were mixed in their reactions to Kitty's comments. "If Kitty Pryde spent as much time articulating her rap verses as she does her blog posts, she'd have hotter bars than Kendrick Lamar," shared one and another defended, "Very well written. Sheds light on a lot of things wrong with our culture and how if affects rap."