Warren G Knew His 'Leave You Alone' Beat Would Be A Smash For Jeezy

By Gil Kaufman

On Sunday night Warren G joined Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg to perform at Coachella,  and while the world is still buzzing about Tupac's hologram, the G-funk mastermind is also busy at work on his own projects. On Tuesday he dropped a teaser for the upcoming  "Party We Will Throw Now" video, which features Game and Nate Dogg and one of his recent projects includes production on Jeezy's recent hit "Leave You Alone." 

The smash, which he produced for Jeezy's Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition is not only one of The Snowman's highest-charting singles to date, but it's also a rare turn into sensitive territory for the MC, as he tells MTV's RapFix.

"One of my buddies knows one of his buddies and they were out here and Jeezy's buddy called my buddy and said, 'can you bring some tracks down here at the video we're shooting with Freddie Gibbs?'" G said about how he hooked up with Jeezy to produce the song that also features Ne-Yo. "He listened to the tracks and picked two beats and said, 'I'll holla at you in a couple of weeks.'"

Jeezy got back to Warren a few weeks later and said he had to use the "Alone" beat, but then a few more weeks went by before the two hooked up again. At a listening party in New York for his album, G said Jeezy played the track "15 times" and was hyped about what he knew was a potential hit. "Jeezy never had a radio record played this heavy," Warren said. "You see him get into a whole other side of music. To see him blow up all around the nation, it let me know I did my job."

But what about that other beat? Warren said it was a sure-fire club smash, but Jeezy couldn't use it this time around, so it went back into the archive and might resurface later. "We'll leave that beat to the side for now," he said. "But this is the story here, this is an event."

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