Tyler, The Creator Crashes Gucci Mane Show, Gets Choked

By Miranda Johnson

Odd Future’s head mischief-maker, Tyler the Creator, had an interesting experience last week when he tried to crash a Gucci Mane concert. Tyler jumped on stage during Gucci’s show in Los Angeles, but was forcibly removed within seconds. He was yoked up and dragged off the stage by Gucci’s security, who seemed to think that he was just another deranged fan.

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Either way, it seemed as though Tyler enjoyed being mishandled since he had a huge smile on his face while being hauled away. The crazed MC later returned to the stage and got back to his antics, jumping around like a drugged rock band member. By the look on Gucci’s face you could tell he wasn’t too happy about the whole thing. Tyler probably felt the tension as he made his grand exit with a failed attempt to crowd surf.

OF recently released their videos “Rella” and ““NY (Ned Flander).” One word to describe “Rella?” Wacky! In a statement to MTV News Tyler described the video saying, "I have a gay couple, it's a bunny and a chicken, girls get slapped in the face and I snort a lot of coke." As you can tell “Rella” has no specific theme, it’s just a bunch of randomly assembled zany thoughts put together by the gang.

Aside from the ridiculousness, Odd Future will release two big projects later this month. Their anticipated debut album OF Tape Vol. 2 is set to be released on March 20 and the musical misfits will also premiere their sketch comedy show “Loiter Squad” on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim on March 25.