Ice Cube Explains The Importance Of 'Boyz N The Hood'


Hip-Hop icon Ice Cube is one of the music genre's most respected, most gifted MCs. The California native has made countless classic albums, not to mention a stint with arguably rap's definitive groups, N.W.A. But for the past few years the artist born O'shea Jackson has been making an even bigger name for himself outside of Hip-Hop in his newfound home in Hollywood. Cube has starred in and directed a high volume of films that have swelled his catalog from his infamous "Friday" series to more mainstream movies such as "Are We There Yet." But it was one particular film that kick started his now successful acting career that fans just can't let go.

Cube alongside an all-star cast that included Nia Long, Laurence Fishburne, Morris Chestnut and Cuba Gooding Jr. are responsible for the John Singleton directed 1991 flick "Boyz N The Hood." The film outlined the ongoing struggles within South Central, CA that continues to plague the black community til this day. According to Cube, the movie opened up America's eyes to something they've possibly never witnessed before.

"When we first did the movie 'Boyz N the Hood,' we felt like we was teaching America about a part of itself that they don't see," he explained. "We was teaching you about people like Doughboy and why he is the way he is."

This past Tuesday marked the 20th anniversary of the film and as Cube tells it, with each year that passes the relevance of the movie still holds firm.

"The movie holds up. The movie had been used as a tool to teach people about the 'hood that they may not know about," he said. "I think the movie is a definite classic, it definitely holds up, it's definitely as potent today as it was back then. The message is definitely as clear today and needed as it was back then."