Eminem Releases New ‘Space Bound’ Clip, Fans React

Eminem goes for cinematic drama in the latest video for the reported fourth single from his top-selling seventh studio album Recovery. The Jim Jonsin-produced “Space Bound” gets the visual treatment as Slim Shady is joined by retired adult entertainment star and current budding mainstream actress Sasha Grey, who plays the love interest of jilted boyfriend Eminem.

In the clip directed by longtime director Joseph Khan, Em and Sasha portray a couple who meet up on a dark road as Grey drives by. As Em enters the car as a split personality, the two versions of the rapper belie each other as one remains the vision of calm while the other yells at Grey angrily. The pair stops at a diner where a split screen shows the two versions of Eminem going off to their separate ways before a series of events inspire visions and thoughts of violence – all resulting in Em’s character taking his own life after Grey’s character is found to be cheating.

Fans on Twitter reacted to the clip, which was released to the public today (June 27) at midnight. “Props to Eminem and Sasha Grey for such a great cinematic video for an intriguing song,” tweeted @MikeDreamsMusic. @UrbanNoize added, “yoo Eminem’s “Space Bound” is something else. Wow. wasn't expecting to see that. It obviously will not be aired on television lol.”

The positive comments for “Space Bound” continued with @MeezyFJB adding, “The video of Space Bound by Eminem is just amaaaaazing! That's how videos should be.... I aint gonna make comparisons.” Confused user @machinegunkelly openly asked however, “[Can] someone explain what Eminem's Space Bound video was about? i tried to understand the meaning of it but i got lost in the middle.”

While the video may be a bit abstract for some, most comments regarding the world premiere of the “Space Bound” clip were favorable if not mostly glowing.

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