Did Ja Rule Pave The Way For Singing Rappers?


Hate it or love it, Murder Inc. artist Ja Rule will historically go down in the record books as one of Hip-Hop's most successful rappers. With the assistance of the hit-making mogul and executive producer Irv Gotti by his side, The Inc. at one point propelled to number one status as the premiere rap label in the game and Rule as their flagship artist following in the steps of other elite labels including Bad Boy, Roc-A-Fella, Death Row and more.

While Ja dabbled in hardcore street raps, the shirtless MC garnered a huge female fan base for crossover records such as "Always On Time," "I Cry" "Between You And Me" and a treasure chest of additional hit songs. Ja introduced a style of rap that he passes off as "shower singing." As the money truck backed up to the Def Jam offices, Ja and company slowly began to endure a high level of criticism over his "singing" on records, that many wrote off as not so Hip-Hop. With the arrival of newcomer and blistering foe 50 Cent taking the game by hostage, Ja's criticism from fans made him an easy target for the street rapper who ridiculed him for rapping about a lifestyle he didn't live using his singing melodies as an example of who he really was, a pop artist.

Ja has witnessed more success in his heyday than at the present time taking a backseat as one of the leaders in Hip-Hop while rappers Drake, Kanye West, Eminem and even 50 Cent have all benefited from the same "shower singing" that put a huge dent in the Hollis native's career.

Reflecting back, when asked by Sway about his thoughts on the different variations of rapping Ja admitted a passion for singing did exist.

"I wish I could really sing, I really do" Ja told said.

After showing the above clip to the MC, Sway asked his take on the highly popular "shower signing" displayed throughout a number of radio hits.

"Those are the biggest names in music" Ja pointed out referring to a number of high-profile artists. "I always admitted, i'm a shower singer man. I think, that's what attracted people to what I was doing. Because I made 'em feel like 'you too can do this.' " I'm not blowing Luther Vandross notes over here, you too can do what i'm doing. And when I do concerts and made people sing along that's what I think made it popular."

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