It's 4/20 But Curren$y Is No Fan Of Weed Rap

with reporting by Rob Markman

Curren$y dropped his new Alchemist produced mixtape, Covert Coup, today. As a appreciator of all things cannabis related, releasing the project on 4/20, the day dubbed “Weed Day,” was no coincidence.

However, Spitta isn’t a fan of all these “weed rappers” that have started popping out like it’s a new rap subgenre. “I think the term weed rapper is wack,” Spitta told MTV RapFix. “I think it was created by rappers who are trying to use weed as a subject matter that will get them put on in the game, in a sense. If you remember in CB4 how that group had to make themselves be gangstas just to get on. So now weed rappers are people who are faking to be high all the time so that they could get on and be popular and rap. They’re not high, they don’t even no good weed. They’re probably just smoking regular, killin’ themselves but it’s just like, ‘All I do is rap about being high, so I can catch the wave like Spitta and ‘em.’ It’s bullsh--. I don’t just f--kin’ talk about weed so I know it’s that bullsh--.”

The former Young Money product who made good on his own isn’t talking about all weed friendly rappers. Spitta is good friends with Wiz Khalifa, appearing on “Rooftops” from the Pittsburgh rapper’s Rolling Papers album. Alchemist is of course in tune with Spitta's habits while both Smoke DZA and Snoop Dogg—definitely weed connoisseurs—appeared on Curren$y’s Pilot Talk album. What all these aforementioned acts have in common is that no matter how much chronic they smoke, it isn’t their only subject matter on the microphone.

“It’s no substance, it’s just about f--kin’ weed, they keep sayin’ the same thing.” Spitta said about suspect “weed rappers.” “It’s f--ked, I don’t like weed rapper, I don’t like that category and I don’t like the muthaf--kas who think it’s cool. If you’re cool with just being a weed rapper then just f--kin’ end it.”

So for all you MCs jumping on the 4/20 day bandwagon, you have been duly warned. Chalk it up to another trend that’s gotten exploited and overexposed. “Some people didn’t even know what 4/20 was last year and they’re f--kin’ making 4/20 songs,” Spitta said. “It’s like Weed Nation. It’s all good. It’s cool. It happened with skating, that’s why people were so pissed off. It happened with that. It was like, “Oh it’s cool, we’re just gonna f--kin’ pose with skateboards.”

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