Lil Wayne's 'I Am Still Music' Tour Opener: We're Live-Blogging!

Tonight Lil Wayne makes his return to the big stage. It was only a year ago the Young Money chief was just a week into his one year sentence on weapons charges at Rikers Island. Fast forward twelve months later, Weezy has his feet planted on a different Island, Rhode Island that is. And the gang is all here, Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Travis Barker. Stay tuned as we bring you an all-access backstage pass to the "I Am Still Music" tour. Get ready, its going down.

8:21 - Rahman Dukes: just had a nice conversation with Rick Ross. He's saying he's turning May into Maybach month. The boy aint playing. Stay tuned!

8:28 - outside of Travis Barkers dressing room after he's just left the stage. "Can a Drumma Get sum?"

8:31 - while Sways talking to Travis sitting in the hall wit my comrades J-Rod and Gayle (Whitney to ya'll) surrounded by Travis Barkers kids and Eminems manager Paul Rosenberg.

8:33 - upon leaving the Travis interview one of his daughters begs him to go meet Nicki Minaj.

8:35 - The bawse is about to hit the stage!

8:40 - Ross walks out to the stage to "MC Hammer" the crowd goes nuts!

8:50 - "put your hands in the air if you're super high" Ross demands going into ... "Super High.

8:55 - Maybach Music hook man Masspike Miles joins Ross onstage.

8:56 - Ross wants a moment of silence as he goes into "Aston Martin Music." Anthem time!

8:58 - A Ricky Rozay show just wouldn't be right without "B.M.F" the crowd is going into a frenzy "I think I'm big meech ..."

9:00 - been to plenty of Ross show but never seen the audience react to DJ Khaleds "All I Do Is Win" like THIS. Wow!

9:05 - Ross introduces his soon to be hits "9 Piece" and "Bo Diddley" hits for days ...

9:06 - Ross says his new album "Self Made" hits stores May 24th.

9:11 - Ross exits the stage playing Chris Browns "Deuces."

9:15 - Sway chopping it up with Lil Waynes new artist and the tour opener, Porcelain Black backstage.

9:41 - Weezy's home! Lil Wayne bursts onto the stage.

9:42 - Lil Wayne tosses his hat into the audience as he goes into "A Milli."

9:46 - Weezy goes to a top level of thw stage for "Right Above It." No Drake but the crowd still rockin' wit Weezy.

9:51 - Enter Mack Maine. Just spoke to him a few mins ago now he's larger than life lol.

9:52 - Wayne got dancers on the stage looking like Nas in "Theifs Theme" with their ski masks. Ha!

9:55 - its so amazing to see what this man is doing. Not even 5 mos ago he was confined to a cell. He has dressing rooms bigger than that. Oh yeah "Go DJ!" View As Web Page

9:57 - where the hell is Drake?

9:58 - Wayne tells his DJ Four Five its "time to go mixtape."

9:59 - Wayne is zoning out on a straight "No Cielings" set!

10:01 - Wayne is right up there with Em and Jay. He's one of the only few rap acts with a diverse crowd rockin' wit him like he's in the hood.

10:02 - aw man, somebody get Wiz Khalifa on the line. Wayne just gave a snippet of "Green & Yellow" and the crowd responded as if the record was his.

10:03 - Wayne performs "I'm Single" for the first time? Shouts to fam DJ Scoob Doo in the building with his bro Omar who just put 10 in. Welcome home, O!

10:06 - Weezy is not your average rapper. He doesn't have bottles of Poland Spring on deck. He has waitresses deliver glasses of water directly to him as if he's ordering from a resturaunt.

10:08 - Barbie time?

10:11 - Confirmed - Barbie time. Nicki comes out to "Romans Revenge." Damn, Kim.

10:17 - I won't even sayy what Nicki pulled out to demonstrate what she would do to her compeptitors on "Did It On 'Em" too many kiddies watchin ... Wow!

10:18 - I just told the homey J Rizzle I want to see a show with just Wayne, Drake and Nicki. All seperate sets. #thebigthree.

10:24 - fellas, if you want a lap dance from Nicki Minaj attend this show. I repeat: fellas if you want a kap dance from Nicki Minaj attend this show.

10:31 - Nicki Minaj re-enters the stage after a brief pause to "Right Thru Me" wearing a wedding/Barbie dress.

10:42 - after Nicki exited the stage for another intermission her DJ Yells "Boston are you with me" and the crowd erupts into screams. My man J-Rod says "she knows her geography. Where I'm from that's usually for Brooklyn" referring to the loud screams.

10:53 - Nicki asks her Barbies to flash their boobs before she leaves. Good job, Nick. Queens all day.

10:54 - maybe Nicki isn't done. She's tearing up her verse from Kanyes "Monster."

10:56 - the crowd is chanting "Weezy" ... And they got their wish. Re-enter Dwayne Carter.

10:59 - Wayne on stage tearing down "I Am Not A Human Being." Is it me or did his locks get longer?

11:01 - Wayne just shouted out the late greats Tupac, Michael Jackson and Nate Dogg. Says they taught him how to hustle.

11:06 - "Steady Mobbin' " is a hit. Wayne should bring Gucci out in the A.

11:11 - "When I say more, you say fire: more FIRE more FIRE" Weezy shouts then headed into "Fireman." You'd never know the track is years old.

11:12 - the sound is a little funky on "Fire Flame" but the crowd don't care. I smell a Birdman sighting coming.

11:13 - Enter, Birdman. The crowd adores Mr. Williams.

11:21 - Lil Twist comes out for a cameo. Where's Chuckee?

11:26 - Mack Mizzle returns for "Miss Parker" then "Best I Ever Had."

11:30 - after a breif appearance from Jae Millz YM singer Shanele takes the stage looking like Lala Hathaway performing her new single. Shanele is a beauty!

11:34 - Nicki comes back onstage with Wayne for "Roger That." They're rocking!

11:42 - Wayne showing no signs of lettn up. Performing his smash single "Mrs. Officer."

11:43 - Lollipop!

11:50 - Lil Wayne blacking out on his "Rebirth" set. Word is the show ended at 11:30 so the YMCMB is paying a pretty penny right now. Guess they're name isn't Cash Money for nuttin, huh.

11:54 - shirtless, dreads hangin, Wayne gives a high-octane performance for "6 Foot 7 Foot." Dude is gonna sell a million first week, easy.

11:58 - Introducing Cory Gunz.

11:59 - Weezy tells his fans he aint s--t without them. Then ends his show. Wakas "No Hands" comes on.

12:00 - Weezy runs off stage. The boy is back!

12:01 - Shows over. Stay tuned for more "I Am Music II" tour coverage.

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