Singer Nate Dogg Passes Away

Infamous hook singer and former Death Row artist Nathaniel D. Hale, better known as Nate Dogg passed away last night (March 15) his family announced. The news was initially reported by Long Beach, Calif. newspaper the Press-Telegram. The cause of death is unknown as of press time.

Nate Dogg had been suffering serious health issues the past years after he suffered a massive stroke in 2007 followed by another in 2008. News of Nate's death sent shockwaves throughout the music industry.

The Long Beach native made a name for himself in the rap game on Dr. Dre’s classic album The Chronic followed by a breakthrough performance alongside Warren G on the smash record "Regulate." Nate went on to release numerous solo albums including G-Funk Classics Vol. 1 & 2 followed up in late 2001 with Music & Me and the latest self-titled solo album Nate Dogg. Nate also made a scene stealing appearance on producer Mark Ronson’s "Ooh Wee" that also featured Ghostface Killah.

Following his stroke back in 2008 a rep for Nate told MTV News the singer was on the mend and recovering.

"On behalf of Nate, he would like to thank all of the well wishers, both friends and fans," Rod McGrew said. "He appreciates it deeply, and he plans on fully recuperating and getting back in the studio."

"Time will tell everything, obviously. The doctor can only guess what the outcome will be," McGrew said. "But based on situations with similar people his age, and based on his health, the prognosis is good right now."

At the time, collaborator Warren G. was optimistic about Nate's recovery.

“Everybody’s just gotta keep him in their prayers, because he had two strokes and that’s real dangerous,” Warren G said. “A lot of people don’t come back from that. Luther Vandross did it, so hopefully Nate can do it. The game needs him. I need him.”

Early this morning Nate Dogg's sibling Samuel phoned in to LA based radio station KDAY thanking fans for their sentiments. According to Sam, he says he was feeling numb at the moment and that his brother had been struggling for the past three years due to his illness. Sam declined to speak on how Nate passed but said a more formal statement would be released at a later date. Rapper Snoop Dogg also called in to KDAY but spoke privately off air.

The rap star, born and raised in Long Beach, Calif. was 41.

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