Eminem Claims 'G.O.A.T.' Title, Fans React

After a mysterious release of seven previously unreleased Eminem songs leaked to an internet message board forum last week, fans have reacted strongly to one track in particular – “G.O.A.T.” – from the simply titled Straight From the Vault and the track finds the Detroit rhymer in attack mode against some notables in the game.

The tracks were posted by user Paidy at the Studio Leaks website on March 5 and Paidy additionally tweeted the leak of the loose collection on March 1. Assumed to be tracks recorded between Slim’s Relapse and Recovery albums, the leak’s seventh track “G.O.A.T.” – an often used acronym for “greatest of all time” – has been said in many reports to have actually been recorded in late 2007.

Making some light mentions toward at Lil Wayne and Kanye West in the song, Slim Shady turns some scathing critical attention on fellow white rappers Paul Wall and Bubba Sparxxx, both largely inactive in comparison.

Fans and critics on Twitter and around the Internet have reacted to the track in droves. “Greatest Of All Time. Its dope.. but it sounds a lil dated with him dissn paul wall n bubba sparxx tho,” tweeted @dannydollarsign. He also added, “He mentioned weezy & jay-z, but bit his tongue. I was 1derin y he aint go all the way N. He could have..” Twitter user @ChopsMalone added, “Eminem g.o.a.t wow the f'in truth the new hotness all I goat to say.”

Commenters on the Hip Hop DX website voiced differing opinions about the leak. “[F]or a song about being a goat, i think it could of been better...verse are good, beat is s--t, and chorus is horrible. For a g.o.a.t song i feel it should of had an anthem like feeling to it...,” said one user. “Feminem could take a s--t on the ground and you d--kriders would call it the G.S.O.A.T.,” said another unimpressed user.

The identity behind the Paidy and NewRap101 accounts has yet to be revealed as of this writing. The Studio Leaks website operates in the same fashion as many of the music blogs found online today, releasing new and buzzing songs daily.

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