Is Nas Leaving Def Jam?: The Pros And Cons


Last year wasn't so great for Nasir Jones.

From splitting with his ex-wife Kelis to publicly fighting with his current record label Def Jam, 2010 was filled with mires for the MC. However, MTV News caught up with the Queens native in December and it looks like things are looking up — with the oft-delayed The Lost Tapes, Vol. 2, specifically.

"It's not safe to say that it's gonna be on Def Jam," Nas told MTV News. "You know, news at 11. We coming with the information on that soon ... Because I kind of lost time, I really wanted to release [the album] in December but I'm starting my next album. So I feel like I'll probably give The Lost Tapes as a deluxe, maybe, on the next album for free. I'm trying to figure that out now."

The kicker in all of this? Nas admitting that though he's still signed to the house that Russell Simmons built, he's moonlighting as a free agent.

The good news is rap fans will (hopefully) see a follow-up to his last solo LP, 2008's Untitled, arguably the MC's most critically-acclaimed album since his Illmatic debut. The bad news is the release may be stifled by record label politics. Nothing says 'Hold please' more than an MC that says 'I want out' publicly. Remember The Clipse' infamous battle with Jive? Here's hoping that all parties will break bread and get along in the name of hip-hop ... and timely record releases.

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