DJ Premier Remembers Guru


By D.L. Chandler

The untimely death of longtime Gang Starr front man Guru from cancer (Keith Elam) shocked the hip hop world and left a trail of ensuing controversy with Guru’s maligned partner Solar representing the deceased rapper. Producer DJ Premier sat down with MTV to discuss Guru’s passing – including addressing a controversial letter supposedly penned by Guru and dismissing its authenticity.

The letter was said to be a revelatory tell-all about the inner workings of Guru and Primo’s working partnership and of Guru’s dissatisfaction with his former ally and his own family. A classy Primo sidestepped the letter’s vicious barbs and described the words as false – and it has been said the attention-hungry Solar was behind the ruse the entire time.

“The letter didn’t exist, which I didn’t… I wasn’t worried about that anyway, “said Primo. “Even if he did write that letter, I know how he writes. I’ve been around this guy for 23 years. I know everything about him and I know his family real well and they’re down with me, they ride with me.”

Primo went on to share intimate details of Guru’s funeral in which he and originating Gang Starr member Big Shug eulogized the fallen rap legend.

“We had a private funeral with his remains there and [I] spoke at the funeral,” shared the prolific producer. “It was a lovely ceremony. I did everything from the heart off my head, which is how you’re supposed to do it.”

Speaking on his former group’s famous legacy, Premier firmly stated the importance of the Gang Starr brand and his allegiance to the Elam family.

“As long as Gang Starr is not hampered and my love for Guru and his family is not hampered, anything else outside of that really flies off the shoulder,” said the Houston native.

The 20-year veteran recently released the LP Get Used To Us on his Year Round Records imprint, a compilation featuring established underground hip hop artists and acts the producer himself signed.

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