Lil' B On The Art Of Cooking


By Steven Roberts

Say what you will about Lil’ B, he has amassed quite a following over the past few months. He’s eccentric to say the least, but he appears earnest and plenty of people have gravitated towards his music. In fact, if you check out YouTube, you’ll see he has hundreds of kids cooking. Not cooking in the Martha Stewart sense, or the Raekwon sense for that matter, but cooking is a dance Lil’ B created.

“A lot of crazy things just come from my mind, and it’s taken to the next level,” said Lil’ B. It’s a blessing that the people really support me, because the people really took cooking to where it’s at. The people have made cooking a sensation and really made it one of the biggest internet crazes since ‘Crank That Soulja Boy.’ It’s growing daily, and we’re just going to see where that goes.”

It’s hard to describe, and even when I asked him to and he literally just started doing it, which I guess is the only way. Numerous kids have uploaded their very own cooking video in hope of being Master Chefs, and Lil’ B even had Diddy referencing the dance on Twitter.

“Shouts out to Diddy, it’s a major blessing that he was listening. He was listening to my song “Wonton Soup” and I’m like ‘wow Diddy’s listening to “Wonton Soup,” cooking’,” said Lil’ B. “‘Let Diddy cook.’ It’s amazing, it’s a blessing that I can record something, wherever I record it at in my very rare private studio, and Diddy’s listening to it and Soulja Boy’s listening to it and numerous other people.”

“It’s just amazing that can happen and I can be embraced by these artist and these artists are showing love and giving that good cosign. It’s just a blessing and I’m humbled.”

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