New Concept Art and Story Details for Canceled 'Star Wars 1313' Feature Boba Fett

Star Wars 1313

Before it was cancelled, IGN reveals, "Star Wars 1313" would have featured Boba Fett as its helmeted protagonist in a gritty, grimy story that spelunked deep into the slums of Coruscant.

The heady days of E3 2012 -- before Disney bought Lucasfilm, closed LucasArts, and canceled "Star Wars 1313" -- seem so long ago, don't they? But a lot can happen in a little over a year, and now we're stuck talking about "1313" like its Obi Wan's ghostly floating head.

An unnamed source at what once was LucasArts has supplied IGN with a new concept art and a fifteen-minute demo, revealing new story details of the would-be third-person shooter and confirming previous rumors that the game was all about Boba Fett.

Here's the gist: Boba Fett, still in the early stages of his career, is working for Jabba the Hutt. He starts on Tatooine, sporting rag-tag armor, before eventually making it Coruscant. As the story goes, Fett eventually gets stronger and upgrades his armor, gradually adding pieces of the now-iconic Mandalorian set.

On Coruscant, he tracks his bounty through level 1313, a corrupt neighborhood controlled by crime bosses (one early trailer shows Fett's descent on a crashed ship). With an droid partner at his side, Fett eventually descends even further into Coruscant's underbelly: level 1314 is a poverty-stricken slum, too deep for natural light to filter through.

For a more detailed explanation of the game (with accompanying concept art), be sure to read IGN's account of the secret, 15-minute demo nobody ever got to play.

After buying up the Star Wars license and scuttling LucasArts, Disney signed an exclusivity deal with EA, allowing the mega-publisher to develop console and PC games for the license. EA-owned DICE is already working on a new "Battlefront," scheduled for 2015, but Visceral Games' project hasn't been officially announced yet.

I wouldn't hold my breath for "1313," though: even at LucasArts, the game was struggling. "'1313' was always in danger of not being made," an anonymous source said earlier this year. IGN's look might be the closest thing we ever get.


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