Wait, So Mario And Peach Are Getting Married In The Next 'Smash Bros'?


Masahiro Sakurai, the mind behind "Super Smash Bros", has released another image from the upcoming Wii U version on his Miiverse page.

And the previous installment had Sakurai plus others involved posting odd screenshots here and there, but the image above is something completely different. From the looks of it, Mario and Peach are tying the knot?

According to Kotaku, the image is accompanied by Sakurai asking: ""Whom is the ring for?" Seems obviously… isn't it?

Perhaps the upcoming game culminates in a big wedding, much like "Muppets In Manhattan"? Which is the only other dynamic duo that I can personally think of that got hitched, but whose ceremony ended up only somewhat counting in subsequent movies and TV shows.

Furthermore, a union of the two is well overdue, but it's hard to believe that Nintendo would actually let it happen. Then again, the Super Mario franchise has desperately needed some kind of shakeup and maybe this is it?

Also, the ring is green… not exactly the color one associated with wedding rings. Maybe it's now a wedding ring after all. Or maybe it is and that's just how it is in the Mushroom Kingdom. Perhaps it's made out of Bower's hide, after finally being killed earlier in the game?

Surely a wedding can't take place without risk of him crashing the party, and now that he's dead, etc. Also, does anyone know if Sakurai is married? Maybe this is his way of proposing to some lucky gal somewhere?