Fabulous Fashions: Lightning Squares Off Against Snow, Caius in New “Lightning Returns” Videos

With the Tokyo Game Show all wrapped up, it’s been a busy week for the Square Enix team behind “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”: trailers, intro cinematics, and new costumes aren’t going to create themselves, you know.

First up is “Lightning Returns”’ opening cutscene which is — if you’ve been following “Final Fantasy XIII” at all — predictably dense, jargon-heavy, and covered in the kind of gilded rococo patina that’s come to typify the series: everything glitters, blinks, and shines in Gran Pulse.

Lightning and Snow Villiers’ conversation is unintelligible for anyone not already intimately familiar with the intra-personal relationships of “XIII” (i.e., me), but that doesn’t matter much when stacked up against the promise of cutting down a purple, two-story Anubis.

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