Manta Ray, Panta Rhei: Here's a New 'Deep Down' Trailer

Deep Down

With the Tokyo Game Show in full swing, Capcom has released a new trailer for "Deep Down," their "Dungeons and Dragons" meets "Assassin's Creed" role-playing game.

As previously revealed, "Deep Down" takes place in New York at the turn of the 22nd century and features some sort of memory claptrap that transports  intrepid would-be knights into dungeons lousy with bear-monsters and dragons, ripe for the crawling. The new trailer doesn't elaborate much on that premise, but it does show a hint of gameplay.

I know that being "inspired by 'Dark Souls'" is en vogue right now, but with that tight, over-the-shoulder camera,  contextual combat -- stabbing a man-bear in, say, the leg instead of the gut -- and  gothic grimdark aesthetic, the comparison seems apt.

Earlier this month (after a few weeks of speculation) producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed that "Deep Down" would feature online multiplayer modes. At the end of the game's TGS trailer, you can see a squad of three nights -- one of which was decked in a stylish, two-tone dyed breastplate -- squaring off against some hook-beaked dragon. I'm sure professional dragon-slayers know best, but throwing a phylactery of flammable liquid at a dragon seems counter-productive.

So far, the PlayStation 4 is the only announced platform for "Deep Down," Capcom's foray into next-gen game development and their first game using the new Panta Rhei engine. With no announced release window, though, it's hard to say if (or when) Capcom Online Games might bring the game to the Xbox One.

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