Of Course 'Grand Theft Auto V' Has Its Own App


Let us guess; the workday thus far has been fairly miserable. Why? Lack of sleep, because you stood in line the midnight launch of "GTA V," and played the game till 5 in the morning.

And as such, you wish you were back home, getting some rest... though mostly to play some more "GTA V." But you also blew all your sick days on the last big game release. What do to?

Why, download iFruit from the iTunes App Store, that's what.

Every major game has an accompanying smart phone app and Grand Theft Auto 5 is no different. iFruit lets you fiddle with one's Rockstar Social Club account, though there are two activities that directly relates to "GTA V."

First you can customize cars; everything from the outside, like the paint job and spoilers, to the inside, like the engine and brakes. Second, there's a virtual pet component; take care of Franklin's dog Chop via the app and the end result is reflected upon in the actual game.

Though, given how word is starting to get around about the iFruit apps, it's now awfully difficult to establish to Rockstar's database, which is necessary to mess around with the thing. So I guess you'll actually have to get some work done today. Sorry.

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