Get Ready For More 'Star Wars Pinball' Later This Fall


We may no longer have Star Wars 1313 to look forward to, and who the heck knows what the future holds for the Star Wars Battlefront franchise, but at least we have another installment of Star Wars Pinball to content with.

Three new tables have just been revealed, which are grouped together under the Balance of the Force banner:

Zen Studio's initial Star Wars Pinball effort was warmly received, and their latest take looks to be even better. For starters, there is zero Episodes 1-3 representation.

You have a table that's built around Return of the Jedi, another that's all about Darth Vader, and a third that features all the ships in the original trilogy. Again, no Jar Jar. Clearly, Zen knows better than to mess with success.

Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force arrives later this year on virtually every platform you can think of, just like the first Star Wars Pinball.