'Watch Dogs' Sweeps Puts Players In The Game

From May 23rd to June 7th Ubisoft will be running the "Watch Dogs" In-Game Profile Sweepstakes, a promotion that gives fans title a chance to literally become a part of the highly-anticipated game, by becoming one of the virtual city's pedestrians.

Ubisoft says the In-Game Profile Sweepstakes is designed to bring fans closer to the games they love, and what better wy to do that than by actually putting a lucky few into the game itself? 30 winners, from various countries will be chosen at random and be immortalized as their face joins one of the many roaming the streets of Chicago.

To enter the sweepstakes you'll need to have a Ubisoft Uplay account and a Facebook account. For all the details on entering the sweepstakes, head over to the official "Watch Dogs" Facebook page.

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