Top 10 Video Game Crushes You Had As A Kid

by Kendra Beltran


For hours -- sometimes days on end -- we’d spend our weekends and sneak in school nights to play video games. It was all for the love of adventure, our constant need to win, and often times we’d fallen in love with the characters we controlled. Yeah, some of them were animals, but that really didn’t matter when it came to matters of the heart.  Even today those video game characters have continued to cause a hormonal overload in us because thanks to evolution, they’ve gotten even better looking. But even when some of them were pixelated guys and gals, they were still hot stuff.


10. Ms. Pac-Man

That little bow, those red boots. She can take on all the balls and then some.


9. Sora of Kingdom Hearts

While you might’ve went into "Kingdom Hearts" crushing on Mickey, you left yearning for Sora.


8. Chun Li of Street Fighter

Chun Li proved to be badass and kicked off your attraction to anime…didn’t she? It’s okay, go ahead and admit it.


7. Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII

Those who worshiped Vincent most likely grew up to think Jared Leto the guys of My Chemical Romance were top notch. Look at him, that dark, mysterious gaze under that red headband; swoon.


6. Lara Croft of Tomb Raider

Even when she looked like this (see picture for reference), you drooled over her. The obsession only went into overdrive with Angelina Jolie made every fantasy closer to a reality.


5. Sonic the Hedgehog

Now that you’re older the fact that Sonic’s fast could be a turn off, but when you were little you imagined that one of those rings would be the one be proposed to you with. Just me? Hope I’m not alone on this one.


4. Princess Peach

When a plumber will do anything for you, you have to be a keeper. You couldn’t be bothered with fairy tale princesses because this gal was all you ever wanted and needed in royalty.


3. Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 2/4/6

This was one of the first video games that I thought looked too real and I still can’t forget the rate my heart raced when my eyes set on Leon. I’m sure you felt and continue to feel the same.


2. Kitana of Mortal Kombat

Back then, instead of sneaking in those “off limit” channels when you’re parents went to sleep, you’d just play Mortal Kombat and look at Kitana. Today you’re grateful for the art of cosplay for obvious reasons.


1. Link of Legend of Zelda

Those boy band good looks paired with an ocarina, you couldn’t deny wanting a poster of this dude on your wall then and now.

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