Death Meets Dethklok as Adult Swim Runs a 'Darksiders'/'Metalocalypse' Promo Friday

The Cartoon Network late night programming block will be running a two-minute promo Friday night bringing together the world's biggest metal band with the embodiment of all mortality.

Nothing at all weird about that.

More details and images after the jump.

The promo will run during Friday night's Metalocalypse marathon, which is running from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM on Adult Swim, so you can probably expect it to repeat a few times if you miss it. The spot is being animated by Titmouse Inc., the studio responsible for Metalocalypse, which is currently in its fourth, world-burning season (seriously, the current storyline sees the band trying to fend off the end of the world).

The series was created by writer, voice actor, and musician Brendon Small who also fronts the band when it performs live (I had a chance to see them perform during San Diego Comic-Con--it was on an aircraft carrier and it was great).

And this isn't the show's first flirtation with gaming: back in 2010, Metalocalypse was set to receive its own downloadable, third-person brawler from Konami which was unceremoniously dumped for what was at the time ascribed to "creative differences."

Darksiders II is available now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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