All You Know is a Lie in This "Resident Evil: Retribution" Trailer

Over the weekend on the MTV Movies Blog, we got a look at the new, full trailer for Paul W.S. Anderson's Resident Evil: Retribution. Anderson's second 3D entry promises to be the last film in the series which maintains only the most tenuous links to the games and whose sequels are nonetheless some of the more anticipated things in my fall movie watching schedule.

More details about Alice's adventures in imaginationland after the jump.

Poking at your eyes September 14th in 3D, Retribution sees series heroine and former Umbrella employee Alice learning that the her increasingly disjointed misadventures and scrapes with the mutating zombie horde in the previous four movies may have been simply a simulation, somehow in aid to the nefarious aims of her former bio-tech bosses.

Making their debut this time around are Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong, along with the return of pretty much every major character that's graced the screen since the series' live-action debut. Also: lickers! Also: more Wesker!

I'm not exaggerating or being ironic when I say that I look forward to these movies when they knock around every two years or so. Anderson, while no auteurist-stylist, nonetheless seems really enthusiastic about throwing wife Milla Jovovich into increasingly preposterous yet nonetheless fun action scenarios that are, to be honest, no more ridiculous than the plots of pretty much the entirety of the Resident Evil game canon. Solid special effects coupled with one completely out of left field narrative turn at the end of each movie makes them imminently watchable. And while I'm dubious about this one actually being the last one (they make money hand over fist each time out), I wouldn't be sorry to see that this was the last one, hopefully ending on a high note.

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