'The Sims Medieval' Brings Duels And Quests To iPad

The Sims Medieval isn’t your typical Sims game. Rather than setting up a scenario and waiting around to see what happens The Sims Medieval pushes you to complete quests, get in fights, manage a guild and eventually become the ruler of your own kingdom. Originally released on iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the game has finally made its way to iPad and been given the screen real estate it needs.

Overall, the game's features remain the same. The only thing we're really gaining with the iPad release is a larger screen to play on. However, that is something that critics and fans alike have been displeased with since the games launch on iPhone. The handheld device's small screen just isn't large enough for The Sims Medieval experience. Here are the key features from EA...

DRAMATIC MEDIEVAL SETTING- Join parties across a richly detailed medieval realm as The Sims goes “olde” school

QUEST YOUR WAY TO DESTINY- Determine your Sim’s destiny by satisfying its needs; propel your Sim onward to become anything from a wizard or even a queen

BUILD YOUR GUILD- Customize the Sims in your guild to help you in quests and fights

EXCITING SIMS COMBAT- For the first time ever your Sim can earn and collect weapons!  Fight your enemies with a rapier or Thor’s Hammer.  En guard!

TEST YOUR SKILLS- Play mini games like fishing, casting spells and agriculture; befriend Sims at the local tavern or even in the village green to unlock new quests and interactions

ALL NEW AVATARS- Delve into a magic, story- driven world and play as a dungeon master, serf, jester, or even a vampire!

MEDIEVAL HOME CUSTOMIZATIONS- Your Sim’s home really can be his castle in The Sims Medieval!  Build your kingdom and adorn your living quarters with lush items like the four-poster bed.

The Sims Medieval on iPad will set you back $4.99 in the App Store and its available now. However, if you swipe your grubby little fingers over there in the next couple days you'll be able to grab it for a "special introductory price" of $2.99. If you've been on the fence about this title -- and think you may end up snagging it eventually anyway -- it may be wise to do it now and save a couple bucks.

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