'Call Of Duty: Black Ops' Zombies 'Moon' Easter Egg Walkthrough Video

Black Ops Zombies

If you managed to get your hands on the latest "Black Ops" map pack, "Rezurrection," chances are you're a fan of the Zombies mode. After all, the entire pack is just zombies maps, with four returning maps from "World at War" and one brand new map, "Moon." It's "Moon" that you should be most concerned with, as it holds what is more than likely the culmination of the Zombies storyline, at least for now.

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"Shangri La" -- Map-Specific Strategies

As usual, unraveling that storyline is really, really complicated. "Moon" features yet another easter egg for you to uncover, and in order to find it (thereby unlocking the "Cryogenic Slumber" and "The Big Bang Theory" achievements), you're going to have to complete a long series of varied objectives scattered throughout the "Moon" map. Frankly speaking, I can't imagine any normal human being discovering these objectives on their own. Thankfully the internet is full of abnormal human beings, like Niik and ThatGamingShow, who are willing to unravel the mystery in video form so you don't have to spend your weekend banging your head against a wall.

So here it is, the walkthrough to the "Call of Duty: Black Ops" zombie map, "Moon." WARNING: Spoilers aplenty, including what happens in the zombies storyline. If you'd rather be surprised, I'd suggest using a text-based walkthrough instead...though that will make it a lot harder to follow along.

So there you have it. A pretty fitting and epic end to the "Black Ops" zombies maps. We've got guides for the other zombie map easter eggs, in case you haven't quite finished them all.