'War Of The Roses' Is 'Magicka' Publisher's Next Title


When I woke up this morning, hearing that Paradox Interactive and Fatshark had announced a new game called "War of the Roses," I thought it was really weird that the "Magicka" publisher had decided to license a 1989 Danny DeVito movie. Well, it turns out the game has absolutely nothing to do with the film of the same name, but it is a melee-based medieval combat game . There's very few details as of yet, but Paradox was kind enough to release a short trailer during GamesCom.

Check out the video right after the jump.

"War of the Roses" places you deep within the dynastic strife of 15th-century England. The War of the Roses was an actual period in English history, a time where the houses of York – the white rose – and Lancaster – the red rose – battled for control of the throne. Spoiler: The Lancasters eventually won out, and England was ruled by the Tudors for over a century.

"We picked that era because it's a very exciting time – it's the death of chivalry, right? They started developing the technology of gunpowder warfare...it started just to creep in, so it created an interesting dynamic," Paradox's Gordon Van Dyke told Kotaku. "We really want to bring that to the mainstream, that kind of genre of medieval combat, as far as we can. So that people have a broader set of choices besides current combat and military shooters."

The game obviously draws comparisons to another melee-based, medieval Paradox game, "Mount & Blade." That's not a bad thing, though; the "Mount & Blade" franchise has some great combat. Additionally, publishing a game that features houses vying for a throne – a "game" of "thrones," if you will – seems like pretty good timing at the moment.

"War of the Roses" is set to release sometime in 2012. There's no word on platforms yet, but PC seems likely at this point.