'Call Of Duty' Escalation Map Pack Trailer Highlights Four Multiplayer Environments

call of duty black ops

Activision really hates fans of the Zombies mode in Treyarch's ever-popular first-person shooter, "Call of Duty: Black Ops." Why? Because the last time a map pack was released, the First Strike collection, the debut trailer offered up details on the expansion's four multiplayer maps and nothing on the new zombie map. The same happens again with a newly released trailer for the Escalation map pack, out May 3. Other than a fleeting glimpse of a snowy nighttime landscape and a lighthouse, the upcoming Escalation pack's "Call of the Dead" is left completely out of the spotlight.

Fortunately, there are plenty of looks at the multiplayer maps in the video, which is part trailer, part dev diary. Check it out right here:

First up is Zoo, which is somewhat predictably set in an abandoned Soviet zoo. There are apparently several sniper's nests scattered around the map as well as a monorail track which connects everything together. There's no mention of any dangerous animals being left behind to worry about, but hopefully there's some twist to this map, like the zip lines in the previous pack's Kowloon.

Next up is Hotel, which looks primarily like a close-quarter maps... but with a twist. Set on the rooftop of a swank hotel, the map's ground floor level is made for up-close scrapping. There are also working elevators which provide access to the map's upper floor, offering snipers a chance to lay back and pop cherries from a relatively safe distance.

Convoy "is inspired by old-school Americana related to fears of Soviet invasion at the time," Treyarch online director Dan Bunting reveals. I see a motel and a long stretch of wrecked highway and what may be a shattered border checkpoint. The layout caters to both snipers and run-and-gunners.

Finally there's Stockpile, which Bunting says offers the most variety of the four. It's a suburban Russian village with a large weapons stockpile in it. A building with working metal garage doors is a centrally located feature, and a good place for a team to hole up.

Also be sure to look for the blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse of the new zombie map's environment.