'inFamous 2' Video Highlights How To Make Your Own Mission

infamous 2

Last week you got to check out a video from "inFamous 2" showing off what is possible in the game's built-in mission creator. User-generated content is a big part of the "inFamous 2" experience, as the New Marais landscape is populated with (filterable) side missions pulled from what will undoubtedly be a very deep well. Today brings a new video showing off the other side of the game's UGC, how you get everything created, presented by Sucker Punch's Karl Deckard.

Creating a mission starts with a set of templates, all of which are pulled from the basic mission types in "inFamous 2." The one shown in the video is Assassination, but others visible on the list include Race, Search & Rescue, Secure NPC, Target Practice, Battle and Canon. It's also worth noting that using one of these templates isn't required, as the UGC main menu also includes a "Create Empty Mission" option.

Let's just say you're working off of a template though, since that's how Deckard is demonstrating things. Once you've got that picked out, you are dumped into a static map of New Marais, one that is pocked with "nodes" which can be accessed to tweak various elements such as a mission's time of day.

Players can access these nodes and add some of their own, as demonstrated in the video with a player-created script that causes the assassination target to run off if Cole is detected by the nearby bodyguards. Node interactions and placing/modifying objects -- pulled from the game's built-in library of assets and via to-be-released DLC packs -- on the map looks very simple and intuitive.

June 7. That's when this game is out. Not. Soon. Enough.