'MotorStorm: Apocalypse' North America Release Is May 3

motorstorm apocalypse

One of the major release delays that popped up after a massive earthquake and resulting tsunami rocked the nation of Japan last month was for the PlayStation 3-exclusive offroad racer, "MotorStorm: Apocalypse." The Evolution Studios-developed game was originally set to arrive on April 12, though that changed to TBA status almost immediately after the tragic events. Now Sony has nailed down and announced an official North American release date: May 3.

The game was reported to be pretty much ready to go when the earthquake struck, but the fact of what "Apocalypse" is all about meant that an on time release would be in poor taste. Unlike past games in the series, "Apocalypse" features a strongly narrative-driven solo play mode.

As you've likely already gleaned from the title, the game is set in the midst of an "end of the world" scenario. And even after civilization has been destroyed, people require entertainment. Enter the series' trademark racing meet, the MotorStorm Festival. The story unfolds from the perspective of three different characters, The Rookie, The Pro and The Veteran, who are all trying to make their way in this post-apocalyptic world. We don't know a whole lot more than that, but it's safe to say that not delaying the release of a game set in a crumbling city would have been in rather poor taste.

Fortunately for you "MotorStorm" fans, the wait won't be too much longer now. Though why you're getting excited about once again having the opportunity to hurl your PS3 controller at the wall out of frustration, I have no idea....