'Battlefield 3' Trailer Looks Familiar, Teases New 12-Minute Trailer

battlefield 3

By the time "Battlefield 3" comes out this fall, you'll have seen the game's opening sections so many times that you'll be able to get through them blindfolded. The multitude of trailers released so far by Electronic Arts and DICE so far all pull their footage from the same early-in-the-game demo that's been going around since before GDC. Another one arrives today, bolstered with a few tiny snippets of new footage and a promise of more to come.

Oh those "Battlefield" army guys. How many times will they have to crawl across that same sniper bullet-riddled roof to launch a rocket into a nearby skyscraper? At what point will the AI become self-aware and simply go on strike?

I kid because I love. "Battlefield 3" looks gorgeous, and that's a good thing. But it's not out until the fall. The abundance of trailers seems a little early to get the hype train rolling this fast. Then again, when you're talking about taking on a titan like the "Call of Duty" series on its own holiday release turf, you're going to have to win some hearts and minds along the way.

This new trailer may not have much in the way of new looks at the game, but it does establish one important fact: something new is coming. Soon. Very soon even. The when depends entirely on we fans. You have to head over to the game's Facebook page and "Like" it. As soon as the counter hits one million -- we're up to 716,593 right now -- a new 12-minute trailer will be released.