'SSX' Set For January 2012 Release, New Screens Show Elise


Ubisoft has dominated the market for snowboarding video games in recent years with its popular Shaun White-branded series. The former top dog, the "SSX" series, hasn't had a console release since 2007's "SSX Blur" for Wii and there's been nothing yet for either of the high def consoles. That is all set to change with the release of "SSX: Deadly Descents," which recently dropped the "Deadly Descents" from its title. Today brings some new screens along with the word that we'll have to make do with what's available until the game releases early next year.

News of the release date came at Electronic Arts' Season Opener preview event, where the game's creative director Todd Batty revealed that it would be coming in January 2012. It's a ways off for sure, but "SSX" will be playable at E3 in June, so you'll at least be able to read about other people playing it before too long. Small consolation, I know.


To tease you even more, EA released a handful of new screens showing off the game's snowy mountain vistas and the return of snowboarder Elise. Joystiq's report from the EA event revealed some new details about the game's physics system -- avalanches will be something to worry about, apparently -- and a new game mechanic in the form of a deployable squirrel suit that can be opened in mid-flight to glide safely over otherwise unnavigable terrain.

As cool as all of this sounds, it's going to be quite awhile before you get to see it in action for yourself outside the Internet. Maybe it's time to dig out that old copy of "Shaun White"....