'inFamous 2' Videos Show Off 'Space Invaders' UGC, Behemoth Enemy

infamous 2Sucker Punch is only a few short months away from laying out a whole new chapter in Cole MacGrath's electrified adventures in "inFamous 2." The June 7-releasing PlayStation 3-exclusive offers a few improvements on the must-own 2009 original, including the addition of a user-generated content feature. A range of possible scenarios is highlighted in a newly released video from Sony, along with a second video that shows off one of the sequel's massive enemies, the Behemoth. Check them out after the jump.

As you can see in the above video (posted on PlayStation Blog), the UGC feature is pretty powerful. The one that most of us are going to fixate on -- I certainly am -- is the "Space Invaders" riff the comes in at the video's midpoint, complete with bonus point-awarding UFOs. Overall though, the scope of what's available for creating your own missions seems pretty impressive. Multi-stage missions, varying objectives, custom text... even if you can't build something cool yourself, you can bet there's a most talented geek out there who can. Provided the community rises to the challenge, it looks like there's a lot of potential here for long-term replay value.

As for the Behemoth, now check out this video. You see that big ice guy Cole fights roughly halfway through the video? That's not it. The Behemoth could eat that thing in one bite. Just keep watching.

So. That's a pretty big... thing, right? Hard to say how many of these puppies you'll be encountering in the game, but the city of New Marais probably can't handle more than one or two, given the level of destruction that's going on in the above clip.