'Uncharted 3' Desert To Introduce 'Dynamic Environment,' Story Still Being Written

uncharted 3 drakes deception

Today is apparently the day for new information to emerge on top-shelf releases planned for later this year. Earlier we brought you the first word on "Mass Effect 3." Now there are new details on Naughty Dog's highly anticipated sequel, "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception," which hits stores on November 1.

The info comes from the upcoming issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (via SystemLink). While the news is much more story-focused, there are a few new gameplay details as well. We already know that much of Nathan Drake's new adventure will be set in a desert, and Naughty Dog says that the moving sand there will create a "dynamic environment" as the terrain around you alters.

It is also confirmed that the desert won't be the only locale you explore; Drake will hit a number of locations around the world, including London and a jungle temple. There are also some strong hints that the game's driving sequences will be built around riding a motorcycle, though there's no confirmation of that.

The story revolves around Iram of the Pillars, also known as the City of a Thousand Pillars, a legendary lost trading center in the Rub' al Khali desert in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Lawrence of Arabia had a particular interest in Iram, and so too does Drake. Recently introduced villain Katherine Marlowe is also interested in it, and we now learn that she is part of a secret society that has its roots in the days of Queen Elizabeth I.

Naughty Dog reveals that the team is still tweaking the game's story, but one thing that can be confirmed: this isn't the last adventure for Nathan Drake. "Uncharted" was never planned as a trilogy. Thank goodness for that.