'Dance Central 2' At The 'Basic Pre-Production' Stage

Dance Central

"Dance Central" may only just now be coming out, but Harmonix sounds like they're totally prepared to cash in on a sequel if they're called upon to do so. After Kinect users get through shaking their hips to Lady Gaga, M.I.A. and Rihanna, they may want a few more options, and though DLC is definitely in the cards, "Dance Central 2" is also lurking behind the scenes in the earliest of stages.

"We're looking at basic pre-production for 'Dance Central 2' but are mostly working on DLC right now," Harmonix project director Kasson Crooker told MCV.

"Dance Central" sales will obviously play a key roles in determining if and when the sequel goes into full-fledged production. Kinect adoption will likely be watched closely too. And until that data is available, Crooker's team won't have a crystal clear idea of what they want their motion-controlled dance redux to look like.

"We want to make sure people like 'Dance Central first," he explained. "If that happens, we can look at what they enjoyed about that experience and decide if we want to offer an addition to it."

Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has big expectations for Dance Central as a franchise, though, and thinks it can "spark a phenomenon, much like the original 'Guitar Hero' did." He shouldn't have to wait long to find out, since Kinect and "Dance Central" arrive in homes and stores this week.

Do you think "Dance Central" will be as big as "Guitar Hero"? How well do you think Kinect will sell? Share your predictions with us in the comment section below.