'Demon's Souls' Producer Talks Inspiration And Future Plans

Demon's Souls

With minimal hype, "Demon's Souls," quickly became a cult smash on the PS3. The action/adventure RPG has gained a reputation for its solid gameplay, unique cooperative elements and, of course, its extreme difficulty. The end result was way more demand than its publisher, Atlus, had expected, resulting in shortages. So with its new-found popularity, what does that mean for the future of "Demon's Souls"? MTV News corespondent, Joe DeShano, spoke via email with the game's producer, Takeshi Kajii, on that very future. Said Kajii:

"Honestly speaking from a production standpoint, 'Demon's Souls' is a title that has a lot more room to expand on. However, there are many restrictions and situations that bar us from doing so...I believe this holds true with any title, but if there are a lot of players that play our games and keep supporting the title, that title will be carried on in some way, shape, or form. To make that happen, we’ll be waiting for the support from all the North American players!"

Kajii also spoke about the game's initial inspiration:

"'King's Field' was the game that sparked the idea for the 'Demon's Souls' project, but we didn’t base it completely off of that game. However, its world view and general feel naturally became a part of the basis for 'Demon's Souls.'

"We also drew inspiration from various other sources, mainly from old games and stories, but if we were to name one, it would be the game-books from the 'Fighting Fantasy' series.

"I consider my worn paperback copy of 'Titan' a treasure."

And what about the innovative note-sharing element, where you can leave messages for other players to discover, even if they're just playing solo? Kajii said the idea came out of a desire to bring players together, saying that it's "reminiscent of a gaming era where people shared game strategies to conquer games. We wanted to produce a feeling of camaraderie among users."